Managed Document Review

Your fully integrated end to end ediscovery partner

Using Millnet’s managed document review solution provides you with peace of mind that your matter is in safe hands, along with the advantage of contracting with one provider to service your entire ediscovery project. You will benefit from the efficiencies of engaging Millnet directly as a single supplier providing an end to end ediscovery solution with no sub-contracting agreements and full visibility of support overheads. Millnet’s managed document review is more than a standalone service. Use Millnet as your full service ediscovery partner.

  • Initial consultation
  • Forensic data collection
  • Processing
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Managed document review
  • Hard copy services
  • End to end project management

Combining expertise and technology

In addition to providing reviewers for your matter, we also understand how to use ediscovery technology to streamline your review to save time and cost.

  • A winning combination of technology experts and qualified lawyers within the review, project management and consultancy teams
  • Our leading team of experts work closely with your legal team to design efficient review workflows including the use of analytics/predictive coding
  • Leading the field – Millnet’s team of experts recently advised on a matter which obtained the first approval for the use of predictive coding (also known as technology or computer assisted review) and analytics technology by a Court in the UK
  • Millnet’s Relativity Certified Project Managers optimise database performance, features and structure to deliver an efficient review
  • Translating use of technology in terms that are defensible and comprehensible to lawyers and judges
  • Combining language identification technology, machine translation and multilingual review teams to deliver the best results on any type of matter
  • Sophisticated quality control processes that leverage statistically valid techniques and the latest analytics technology


By gaining a thorough understanding of your case, your data and your review strategy, we will create a team of reviewers to meet your specific criteria and ensure an efficient review.

  • Analytics and review workflows to reduce time and cost
  • Automated reports and updates keep you in control and always informed
  • Use of analytics technology quickly identifies hot documents
  • Flexible workflows adapted to suit any matter
  • Advanced culling techniques – don’t pay to review junk
  • Option for law firm clients to attend our offices during the review or video conference with review team


We understand that our clients’ data is priceless and needs to be secure at all times. Our Managed Document Review Service is based at our London office where data security is paramount.

  • Space for large teams and provision of segregated and dedicated review rooms
  • ISO27001 security accreditation
  • Dedicated point to point connection to Relativity increasing speed of review and ability to lock down Internet access
  • Segregated review network for security
  • Personal lockers and cloak room allow for secure storage of phones and reviewers’ personal items
  • CCTV cameras throughout Millnet premises

Why outsource review?

  • Large document volumes
  • Limited internal resources
  • Space/overhead of managing a large team of reviewers
  • Economics of outsourcing to a dedicated review team


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