Bundle Preparation

We take the stress out of bundle preparation so you can meet tight court imposed deadlines. Despite any last minute changes you can be confident that the end product will be fit for purpose.

Process driven, workflow assessment of your bundle requirements results in surety of price and confidence that the end product meets your precise needs. Up-front participation in Millnet’s rigorous assessment process cuts out the downstream confusion and last minute changes that bedevil the way other organisations provide this service. Add in legal expertise, available from our pool of managed reviewers, for production and QC of the most complex legal bundles and you have a winning formula.

Millnet has taken their many man years of electronic data print experience, as well as feedback from recent successful bundle preparation projects, and developed a detailed workflow that takes you through an exhaustive checklist of possible options. The resulting specification feeds into our production and quality control processes, meaning you have peace of mind that the end result will be exactly what you need.


Hear What Our Many Satisfied Customers Say About Our Service

“When it comes to printing services in London, Millnet truly is in a league of its own. Our firm has had extensive experience with several other large vendors but none have provided the consistent quality of service that Millnet offers.”

“Great customer service, thorough and accurate work and always on time. Perfect.”

“Quick, efficient, responsive, spot on. Precise work that does not need checking – priceless.”

Bundle Essentials

AVAILABILITY – We operate 24/7 from our bio-metric secure production facility in central London.

EXPERIENCE – We have the largest permanent team of electronic data print staff in London, meaning we have the institutional knowledge, capacity and mind set to cope with the fast changing requirements that are a feature of this market.

SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE – We have a detailed knowledge of the requirements for all types of legal bundles. We have built our own software to meet market needs.

MILLNET USP – Process driven workflow resulting in surety of price and deadlines, coupled with legally trained staff for production and QC of the most complex requirement.

Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind – You will know exactly what you will be getting, when it will arrive, and the price it will cost.
  • Competitive pricing – No hidden charges or last minute increases.
  • High quality – Both of the physical product and its composition
  • Millnet expertise – This is what we do, why not let us deliver for you.

Use Millnet to Prepare Bundles for:

  • The UK Supreme Court
  • Chancery Courts
  • High Courts
  • Trials in specialist courts (TCC, IP, Commercial)
  • Arbitration centres
  • IDRC
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