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Virtual Data Room Printing

The online virtual data room is fast becoming the standard method of establishing a 'paperless' environment for carrying out Mergers & Acquisitions and similar transactions. The benefits are clear: instant online access, electronic access control and audit trail, savings in travel costs and a generally reduced transaction timeframe.

But what if, at some stage of the process, you need a printed set of all the documents relating to the deal?

Milnet's DocBuster® is a suite of software tools for extracting and collating documents from diverse paper or electronic sources to create a uniform data repository from which any or all documents can be output to searchable PDF, burned to CD/DVD or printed and bound as needed.

  • Automatically capture entire data room, web site or other online contents.
  • Supported native document formats include Word, Excel, Outlook email, PowerPoint, PDF.
  • Conversion to TIFF or other digital image format 
  • Indexing & pagination reflects data room hierarchy with wide range of collating & finishing options
  • Fast turnaround 
  • Supports all leading online data room services, including Millnet's Virtual Data Room

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