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Smart Print

The smarter way to print documents from CD, DVD, USB key or hard drive

Smart Print with Millnet DocBuster® can save up to 90% of print costs when printing electronic documents from CD, DVD, USB key or hard drive. Smart Print uses Millnet’s patented technology to identify duplicates and the further option of keyword search allows documents to be printed selectively.

  • Smart Print report highlights document and page counts, analysis of file types, duplicates percentage and estimated print costs
  • Documents can be printed in chronological order or selectively within a range of dates, with or without email attachments
  • Why pay to print multiple copies of the same document? Smart Print eliminates the duplicates that can account for 30-70% of document volume
  • Optional keyword search – print only documents that contain relevant keywords
  • Print EXCEL spreadsheets with Smart Print’s unique auto-formatting feature
  • Automatic pagination and insertion of coloured & annotated slip-sheets between documents
  • Optional electronic index of printed documents (including author, date and recipient) aids preparation of disclosure lists
  • Documents can also be output in a variety of electronic formats suitable for further review and e-Disclosure

And... when it comes to speed, Millnet's high-capacity digital process can print up to 100,000 pages in 24 hours, the equivalent of 200 lever arch files!

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