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Law and Practice

The legal and forensic issues arising from the capture, processing and disclosure of electronic and hard copy data are complicated and we maintain a separate site devoted to the detailed issues arising at

Software Support

Sun Global Desktop ("SGD")

The SGD requires the latest version of Java to be installed; this can be downloaded from the following location:

Secure Transfer File Protocol ("sftp")

If there is a need to transfer data to us we can arrange for a connection to be set up for a specific project which will allow you to transfer data to us via an encrypted connection over the internet. Typically, this will work well with volumes of data up to around 1 or 2 GB - the practical limit will depend on how good your connection is to the internet. For more information see this Guide.


We have put together a number of guides which will assist you in using Relativity for the first time:

In addition to our guides, kCura, the software author of Relativity, publish many support guides, how to videos and demonstrations on their website:

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